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Creating your own travel photography website 25.10.2014
Taxco, the "Silver Town" (2) 14.05.2014
Taxco, the "Silver Town" (1) 08.05.2014
12 Typical Mexican jobs (Part 1) 30.04.2014
Local weavers making exquisite shawls 25.04.2014
Fresh air, mountains and a lake 17.04.2014
Fresh air, mountains and a lake 17.04.2014
Color, music and dancing 14.01.2014
Driving through Michoacán 10.01.2014
Hiking and other activities in the Sierra del Tigre 03.01.2014
Mazamitla, in the mountains of Jalisco 31.12.2013
Mazamitla, in the mountains of Jalisco 31.12.2013
Mexican Christmas decorations 22.12.2013
Posadas and Pastorelas - Mexican traditions 21.12.2013
Wintry Christmas magic 19.12.2013
Letter to The Three Kings, Father Christmas, Santa... 16.12.2013
Millions of pilgrims on my doorstep 12.12.2013
Colorful Mexican pinyatas 04.12.2013
Bone-shaking roads and waterfalls 11.05.2012
Bahias de Huatulco, Mexico 07.05.2012
Lagoons, mangroves and crocodiles 04.05.2012
Swimming with turtles in Mexico 02.05.2012
Travels along the coast of Oaxaca, Mexico - in photos 01.05.2012
The coast of Oaxaca in southern Mexico 18.04.2012
The volcano Popocatépetl is stirring 17.04.2012
Yellow... in all its shades 06.04.2012
Condesa, Mexico City's colourful bohemian quarter 28.03.2012
Hiking up to see the Monarch butterflies 24.03.2012
Reeling from an earthquake 22.03.2012
The Basilica de Guadalupe, mirror of Mexican faith 20.03.2012
Early morning at the lake 16.03.2012
10 random things about Mexico City 15.03.2012
Caught in a massive hailstorm in Mexico City 11.03.2012
"Flying jewels" and other visitors 09.03.2012
Swan Lake for the 36th year running 07.03.2012
Is this where the Spaniards hid their gold? 05.03.2012
Tepotzotlán, glittering witness to Mexico's colonial past 01.03.2012
Let sleeping volcanoes lie 25.02.2012
My bike's-eye-view of Chapultepec 22.02.2012
My bicycle's view of Mexico City 17.02.2012
Amor y Amistad, Love and Friendship 14.02.2012
Hilarious, free in-flight entertainment 04.02.2012
Where red rocks meet blue skies 02.02.2012
Has anyone fallen into the Grand Canyon? 29.01.2012
Land of superstition, legends and elusive gold mines 14.01.2012
Native Indian art and culture 09.01.2012
Phoenix, city in the desert 04.01.2012
Stunning Arizona 02.01.2012
Christmas lights in the Centro Histórico 24.12.2011
Letter to Santa, Father Christmas, Papa Noel, Three Kings 21.12.2011
"La Magia de la Navidad" in Mexico City 19.12.2011
"La Magia de la Navidad" in Mexico City 19.12.2011
Squeezing 7 million pilgrims into DF 14.12.2011
The earth quakes in Mexico City 12.12.2011
The long way down - an epic journey 09.12.2011
'Tis the season for driving madness 03.12.2011
Mexico shivers 29.11.2011
Feathers, mantras and vibes in the park 29.11.2011
Exploring Cuernavaca, "City of Eternal Spring" 21.11.2011
The rustle of autumn 14.11.2011
Silent statues and colourful beasts in the Zócalo 12.11.2011
Trying to understand Mexico's Dia de Muertos (Part 2) 07.11.2011
Trying to understand Mexico's Dia de Muertos (Part 1) 04.11.2011
The Pink Walk 02.11.2011
Alebrije monsters invade Mexico City 28.10.2011
Clear skies and sleepy volcanoes 26.10.2011
Wall art 24.10.2011
Be prepared. 21.10.2011
If animals could talk.... 17.10.2011
What do Mexican drivers hang in their windscreens? 14.10.2011
Pink October 10.10.2011
Fast food Mexican-style 03.10.2011
Bitter sweet sixteen 29.09.2011
Aztec ruins, an Augustinian monastery, and exhuberant nature 25.09.2011
Aztec ruins, an Augustinian monastery, and exhuberant nature 25.09.2011
Celebrating Independence Day in pure Mexican-style 20.09.2011
Green, white and red... patriotic fever! 15.09.2011
History through murals.... and cats 12.09.2011
Back in Mexico City in the rain 09.09.2011
"Why bother to travel? We live in the best place!" 06.09.2011
The afternoon I had the mountains to myself 01.09.2011
Snapshots of Barcelona 27.08.2011
Barcelona 24.08.2011
A magical town 20.08.2011
An immense invisible castle 16.08.2011
The man who gave the submarine to the world 14.08.2011
A surrealistic building 11.08.2011
Rivers, canals and locks 08.08.2011
In search of a Mr Whippy ice-cream 02.08.2011
London in red, white and blue 01.08.2011
On English soil again 30.07.2011
Two villages and their special rocks 18.07.2011
Along the coastal path with the wind in our wheels 17.07.2011
Pedalling through a volcanic-inspired landscape 14.07.2011
Cycling under an immense sky 03.07.2011
Oh là là! C'est très fort, ce vent! 01.07.2011
Girona 29.06.2011
Not the best way to start a holiday 27.06.2011
Mirrors, magazines and hairdos 24.06.2011
The day my car vanished 23.06.2011
20 Reflections 18.06.2011
Where's the rain? 17.06.2011
Mexico's best loved police force 15.06.2011
A spectacular new museum 11.06.2011
Mezcal, a fiery liquor 10.06.2011
Mezcal, a fiery liquor 10.06.2011
Caught up in the crowd 07.06.2011
A smoking volcano 06.06.2011
Colour in Mexico... 03.06.2011
Noé 02.06.2011
An incredible woman and her collection... 01.06.2011
Supermarkets aren't just supermarkets... 30.05.2011
A cool, green haven in the middle of Mexico City? 29.05.2011
Flying men 26.05.2011
10 Head-turners - Modern architecture in Mexico City 25.05.2011
What's yellow, smokes and wakes you up in the morning? 24.05.2011
The world comes to Mexico City 23.05.2011
174 blankets and a pile of teddy bears 21.05.2011
Feeling dwarfed in one of the largest squares in the world 20.05.2011
513... 19.05.2011
It's a dog's life 18.05.2011
10 foods you might not be serving up at your table today 17.05.2011
On yer bike - Sunday morning in Mexico City 16.05.2011
Why does it take so long to fill up with petrol? 14.05.2011
A teenage drama and a hilarious social comedy 13.05.2011
Tiles aren't just for bathrooms 12.05.2011
Turning the city purple 11.05.2011
Madres y flores.... Mothers and flowers 10.05.2011
A radical move 10.05.2011