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Caught in a massive hailstorm in Mexico City

Crazy weather


The sky had turned a menacing dark grey, with lightning tearing it apart. It started to spit with rain. That's not unusual as we're having a spell of wet weather at the moment. Then all of a sudden, it started to hail, furiously, copiously, so hard that the ground turned white immediately. Soon it was hard to see the road at all and we turned into a petrol station to shelter, watching as within minutes the urban landscape changed to a wintry scene before our very eyes, totally out of place here in Mexico City. The petrol station attendants had obviously never experienced anything like this before and momentarily forgot about filling up the cars. They started scraping up the hail and having a snowball fight. Marc and I watched stunned from inside the car, unable to believe our eyes. I personally have never seen so many centimetres of hail fall in such a short space of time. Car drivers were stopping and trying to remove it from their windscreens, it was so thick and heavy. With rivers of water mixing with thick slabs of hail, it was chaotic.

The chaos was even greater in Palmas and Periférico where the storm dumped 50 centimetres of hail in a few brief minutes. The roads there had to be closed. In other places, buses slid back down roads and drivers had to pull over and wait.

Marc and I will remember this afternoon for a long time. The Mexican man in the bread shop peered out of the window with an incredulous look on his face. Es la primera vez que veo algo así. "I've never seen anything like this before. Never!" He was shaking his head. I'm glad I had my small camera with me to freeze this moment in time and to prove to others that it really happened. They'd never believe us otherwise.

Caught in a heavy hailstorm

Drivers were having problems coming down the hill

Within minutes the ground had turned completely white

Vendors in their VW Beetle shelter under plastic as hail and water pour down around them


(Photos taken by Marc and Margaret)

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Mexico shivers

Kids playing in the snow in the Ajusco area, close to Mexico City (Photo: Jorge Alvarado)

Winter has made an early entrance.... Despite it still being November, Cold Front Nº 15 sent temperatures plummeting to below zero yesterday and today. Contrary to what many people think, winter can be very cold in Mexico. Ask the people who live in the State of Durango, further north in Mexico. Yesterday they suffered temperatures of -22 °C in a place called Santa Bárbara and -18º in Guanacevi. In Zacatecas they reached -13 °C.

Kids warming up at school in Guanacevi in temperatures of -18 °C (Photo: Rosa Esperanza Gaucín)

Although here in Mexico City the cold has been more moderate, temperatures have dropped to below zero and snow fell yesterday in the Ajusco region. The volcanoes around the city have turned white too. Brrrrr... we got out our jumpers and scarves and gloves to walk to catch the school bus this morning at 6.30 am. As I walked Ozzy, I passed the two guards who stand outside a house in Reforma. They were stamping their feet. They greeted me with a cheerful, "¿Cómo estás?" and I commented something about the cold. What about them? They spent all night sitting in the car, freezing. It reminded me of those cold winters in England. Yet at midday, temperatures soared to 20 °C. Just to warm us up a bit.

The two volcanoes, Popocatépetl and Iztaccihuatl, with snow (Photo: Fernando Ramirez)

Griselda came down from Cuajimalpa today wearing several thick jumpers. Actually, she lives even further out, on the way to La Marquesa, alone with her four children. She said it was freezing up there. Their small rented place has no heating and frost and ice are quite common. According to her, this year and last year the cold weather came much earlier than usual. We sat and warmed ourselves up with steaming cups of tea and coffee. She thinks it's quite warm down here. I can't imagine what it's like for so many people like her.

How thankful I am for warm clothing, heating and hot water. Yes, even in Mexico it gets cold.

The volcano, Nevado de Toluca, not far from Mexico City, covered with snow (Photo: Ramon Chiu)

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