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Letter to The Three Kings, Father Christmas, Santa...

My Christmas List 2013


TO: Your Majesties the Three Kings, Father Christmas, Santa, Papa Noël and anyone else who makes wishes come true

Greetings! I know you are all very busy at this time of year and I also know that I've left it very late to write this letter to you. But as you are all full of goodwill, I'm sure you'll find something on my Christmas List that you can maybe help with. First of all, thank you for what you did to make some of my wishes come true the last time I wrote. A lot of the holes in the road WERE filled... they have just re-appeared after the rainy season again. Maybe they could be filled up again? And I read somewhere that the lakes in Chapultepec Park ARE going to be cleaned... now we have to wait and see how long that will take. And finally, YES, the authorities have announced that there will be a COMPULSORY DRIVING TEST for everyone in DF starting in 2014. How on earth did you pull that one off?! I am truly thankful to you all.

Now here's my list this year. First of all, I have included a few things which Mexico City needs desperately and then a few personal ones:


Please could you:

1. Bring to an end to all the protest marches and blockages which are making life very difficult and terribly frustrating here in the city.
2. Send all the teachers from Oaxaca, Guerrero and Veracruz who are currently camping out around the Monumento a la Revolución back to their communities so they can do what they are paid to do.
3. Remove all corrupt politicians, policemen, judges, businessmen, union leaders, tow-truck drivers and others from their positions and replace them with honest people.
4. Cream off a bit of the nata (layer of pollution which hangs over our city most days) and deliver some fresh air.
5. Give someone the idea of planning an efficient suspended monorail system to transport the millions of people who need moving around the city each day.
6. Make sure all the man-holes in the middle of the roads are covered.
7. Get rid of the huge one-way system around Section 2 of Chapultepec Park and allow us to park free-of-charge there.
8. Lengthen autumn and shorten winter here in the city.
9. Soften the hearts of all the arrogantly wealthy people so they can spread a bit of goodwill and help the less fortunate.
10. Donate musical instruments to children and youngsters in crime-ridden neighborhoods so they have a chance to escape a life of drugs and delinquency.
11. Make it compulsory for all drivers, regardless of how long they have been so-called driving, to take a series of free driving lessons so they know what to do at roundabouts and how to change lanes without putting everyone's life in danger.
12. Remove all the sugar in soft drinks to reduce the alarming levels of diabetes in the city.
13. Increase the number of sports classes a week in schools from one to four so children can lead healthier lives. (You may have to arrange for the delivery of fresh air first before they do more outdoor activities!)
14. Ban all earthquakes over 4.5 on the Richter scale and stop the volcano Popocatepetl from smoking.
15. Align Mexican time with the rest of the world so that when they say, "See you in one hour", it means 60 minutes and not 125 minutes.


Please could you:

1. Get someone to invent tele-transportation so that Cristina can pop over for weekends from Barcelona.
2. Find a top-notch basketball team for Marc here in the city within 20 minutes's drive of his school.
3. Give Josep a magic wand for use at work.
4. Bring me a new camera. I wore my last one out.
5. Reduce Ozzy's energy and anxiety levels. Maybe he needs some tranquilizing tablets.

Thank you so much for helping out with my list and I'm sorry it's so long and has arrived a bit late.

Happy Christmas to you all!

Yours very sincerely


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